Founded in 2018, Concord Maritime has established itself as a unique and efficient platform that offers direct access to the tanker markets.

April 2018

Concord Maritime, LLC is established by a team of tanker market professionals specializing in the management of third-party pools.

July 2018

The Company occupies office space in downtown Stamford, Connecticut and launches a modern platform that offers highly efficient access to global tanker markets through it’s Aframax tanker pool, Dakota Tankers.

August 2018

Atlas Maritime, of Greece delivers it’s 2008-built Aframax M/T Aspasia Lemos in Singapore to Dakota Tankers.

November 2018

Concord Maritime takes a proprietary time charter position in Aframax M/T Free Spirit for participation in the Pool.

December 2018

Emarat Maritime Joins Dakota Tankers with it’s 2010-built M/T Dubai Charm, to be followed by the 2011-built M/T Dubai Attraction in February 2019

July 2019

A large North American based U.S. crude oil exporter expands participation in Dakota Tankers through time charters. The Pool climbs to 9 vessels, 3 of which are LR2s, providing the Pool the option to participate in the clean petroleum products markets.

August 2019

Concord broadens it’s presence in the global tanker markets with the establishment of a commercial office in England – Concord Maritime UK Ltd.

October 2019

Dakota third party pool participation increases with the delivery of Chartworld Shipping’s M/T Star Osprey, growing the fleet to 10 Aframaxes/LR2s.

December 2019

Concord purchases the 115,878 dwt 2007 Samsung built M/T Aegean Blue and renames it the M/T Dakota Strength, It’s large capacity and relatively small draft make it ideal for loading in the shallow waters of the U.S. crude export terminals.

February 2020

International Seaways enters Dakota with its three modern Aframaxes ‘Seaways Redwood’, ‘Seaways Yellowstone’, and ‘Seaways Yosemite’ with deliveries in the Atlantic.